Horse training, board and care by Baylee (beginning August 29th)

  • Horse Training

Hey everyone! My name is Baylee. I love horses and I am passionate about training them. I am excited to share that this upcoming fall, I will be offering horse training in Sterling, Colorado. I am experienced in reining, trail riding, ranch horse versatility, tackless riding, trouble horses and colt starting. I love to help horses become soft, willingly guided animals that are relaxed in situations that most horses spook over.

I am offering full-time training, board and care for 90 days beginning August 29th. Your horse will have its own sizable outdoor paddock with a shelter. My prices are very competitive and significantly lower than nearby trainers. Message me through whatever social media platform you see this on! Please share this with friends that may be interested!

I only have ONE SPOT left!!!! Contact me before it's taken!