Ms Trelease’s Tutoring (reading and writing)

  • Private Tutoring

Ms. Trelease is a credentialed English teacher specializing in reading and writing skills for K-12 and college students.
Services include one-on-one tutoring, writing workshops, small group sessions, assessments, homework help, reading programs, essay revision, and editing.

Ms. Trelease works with students of all ages and abilities levels, including adults, English language learners, and students with special needs.

Small Group Sessions
Small group sessions are scheduled and designed upon request.
Small group sessions are ideally 1.5 hours, twice-weekly sessions. Meetings will be held at a local library.
These sessions are catered to the needs of elementary students. These meetings focus on reading, writing and improving comprehension and analytical thinking.
A minimum of 4 students, and a maximum of 6 per group.
Students can be of various ages/grades in the same group.

One-On-One Sessions
One-on-one sessions are scheduled and designed upon request.
One-on-one sessions are hourly appointments scheduled for one student and Ms. Trelease.
These sessions can take place once a week or multiple times a week based on the parent’s request and schedule.
One-on-one sessions are available to students of all ages and levels.
Sessions can take place at the student’s home with parent present, or at a local library.

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