• Spray Foam Insulation

Mader Insulation LLC providing central and southern Minnesota with the highest quality 2lb closed cell Spray Foam Insulation. Also offering blown fiberglass for attic spaces!

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I spray 2lb Closed Cell Insulation. The best R-Value and Vapor Barrier in the Industry. We also offer thermal barrier coatings and coatings to seal up leaky metal roofs.

Why Spray Foam?

* Saves Energy (30%-50% over fiberglass)
* Foam expands to fill the smallest cracks and gaps
* Insulates tightly around plumbing and electrical
* Provides insulation and vapor barrier in one step
* Prevents mold growth by blocking out moist air
* Bonds to almost any surface
* Improves rigidity
* Does not age, settle, or sag.
* R-6.7 per inch, R-21 can be achieved in a 2x4 wall.
* Deters insects and rodents.