Hardwood Floor Sanding $1.25 sq ft 2-Coats!

  • Hardwood Flooring

Sanding for $1.25 includes rough sanding with grit 36 then fine sanding with grit 80. Afterwards we put down 1st coat of oil or water based poly (your choice). Upon drying of 1st coat (next day for oil-based and 1 hour for water-based), we put down the 2nd coat of polyurethane, semi-gloss or whatever finish the customer chooses. Minimum charge is for 700 sq ft. If you have less than 700 sf, please contact us and we will provide an estimate and do our best to accommodate you. Installation is $2.50 for unfinished (with 2 coats of finish) and $1.45 for prefinished per sq ft.

We are a hardwood flooring specialist, only! with 15+ years' of experience. With two sets of equipment, no job is too big or too small for us.

Contact us for a free estimate. Hope to hear from you soon!