Computer and Laptop Repairs on the Cheap!

  • Computer Repair

Howdy all,
My name is Evan and I am a student at WVU. I'm looking to make some extra money on the side so I am offering my technical skills with computers to anyone who needs them. I promise to be the cheapest option with the highest quality service that I can provide. I can work in your house or you can bring your tech to me.

I can help diagnose and repair software issues or hardware issues as well as part replacements (free estimates). I have gained experience by building my own desktop computer (which boasts the ability to boot Linux, Windows AND macOS) as well as building and helping others build their computers over the past 5 years. Additionally I have had to clean and replace parts in numerous laptops over the years. I can replace the RAM, HDD or SSD, the screen and in some cases the keyboard/trackpad (free estimates).

I have strong knowledge of computers and I hope to be able to help you fix your computer related problems.

Feel free to call me if you have any issues.