Stanger Projects. Skilled Decorative Painter

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I am an independent decorative painter with over 10 years of experience working with professional Interior Designers & Decorators in homes and businesses. I possess strength in the understanding of composition, color theory, and design, with the goal being to give the client the highest quality finish possible in whatever form, shape, style, taste or budget. Stanger Projects is based in East Sac.

Specializing in:

Decorative & Scenic Painting
All Scale Murals
Faux Finishes
Painted Logos & Graphics
Venetian Plaster
Painted Patterns & Geometrics
Painted Designs
Kids Rooms & Nurseries
Art for Fund Raising
Silver & Gold Leafing/Gilding
Marbleizing and Wood Graining
Painted Furniture
Distressing, Aging, Antiquing
Street Art/Graffiti
Exterior Walls
Commercial & Residential

Jeremy Stanger