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Let the PROFESSIONALS at Stream Tree, Inc. install your new lawn in as little as 2 days using NO CHEMICALS (no round up or other herbicides). Call us today!

We at Stream Tree Inc. believe that it is better to completely remove and dispose of the old grass and weeds (along with their seeds) and mix in a healthy layer of rich landscape soil for your new sod to grow on. Below you will find the major advantages to our method.

NO POISONS: Round up usually has to be applied twice to kill everything. There is risk of over spray that can harm other plants on your property. In addition, since round up is an herbicide poison it can be harmful to children and pets if the come in contact with it.

TIME: As I mentioned, Round Up has to be applied twice to kill everything and then you must wait about 10 days after the last application before your sod can be installed. Our method is faster. We can usually strip and prepare your yard for installation in 1-2 days depending on the size and then we can install the sod in just a day. As a result, you can begin enjoying your new lawn much sooner.

ROOT CONTACT & SMOOTHER SURFACE: Your new lawn will be healthy if the roots are making solid contact with a rich foundation of base material. We mix landscape soil that is rich in composted material with the existing soil in your lawn to create 2 inches of "fluff". We then hand grade the yard to insure a smooth surface. Once the sod is installed we water and then roll the lawn in order to press the roots into the healthy soil below. A healthy foundation for your sod will insure that your new lawn will root up quickly and will thrive during the hot months ahead.

The "KILL & TILL" method allows the sod to be installed atop small clumps of old dead vegetation. This can result in an uneven lawn as the old vegetation biodegrades. In addition, as the old grass and weeds biodegrade they can leave behind air pockets between the surface and the roots, potentially causing dry spots.

OTHER: In addition, on the larger jobs where we are using a skid steer we are able to re-grade uneven areas or areas where you may be having drainage issues usually at no additional cost.