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Save $15,000 + every 10 years with Green Ox Energy!

5000 watts - Complete Solar Power System with warranty monitoring system: $10,720. (after 30% federal rebate)
Major Solar Companies are charging $20000 - $25000 for a comparable system. (Before the rebate)
Current Company's charge $5.00 - $6.00 per watt for the same equipment because of the quality and production power of the equipment.
How can one go solar for so little?
Green Ox Energy owns its buying power!!!
We sell you the complete solar system at online pricing and install the system at a wholesale rate.
You will save $15,000 + in energy costs every 10 years depending on the size and placement of the solar system.
Commercial systems are Green Ox Energy's specialty!! Green Ox Energy can reduce demand charges significantly!!
Micro Inverters are available.
Solarworld panels are available.
Green Ox Energy will engineer the system to optimal specs for the best ROI in the industry hands down.

25 year product and 25 year production warranty. - Not Industry Standard.
We also have battery-backup systems for off grid and grid down solution.

Please call Green Ox Energy and get SOLAR SIZED!!!
You can build the system a little bigger or smaller, depending on your roof and area size and your expected energy needs over the years to come.
Thank you for interest in going solar.