• Party Equipment Rental

Looking for the best sound system for your event, with clean, concert like sound that can handle small get togethers as well as large events, Also great for weddings. ideal for that DJ or local Bar GiG too. This is the perfect one.. This system will rock/ bump the house. It adapts to most audio input like turntables, CD players,,etc. (if it has RC outputs its good to go!!)

I have all the conector for Computers, MP3, I-Pods Also . This is really good for outdoor events.This system includes: Two (sunn model 12 speakers),Samson 1000 watt amp, 5 channel mix board & Two sonic sub- woofer with 15'' JBL & a PV-2600 watt amp ( price $ 300.00 upto four hours )This system available with mic's , cables, conectors all included.. ( Addional hours can be discussed).

CONTACT SQUID for rental Information.