Spanish Instruction/Tutoring and Conversation

  • Spanish Lessons $20.00

I am a career Special Education teacher from California. After living 10 years in South America, I have taught Spanish since my return to the States in 2009. In my work as a teacher and tutor I have discovered many high school and college students are either currently studying or wanting to improve their Spanish, something I excel at facilitating. I also work with retired people (or anybody else for that matter) who want to improve their Spanish for travel in Latin America.

My methods vary between a more practical approach and academic, depending upon the specific learning situation. I can focus on your learning the Spanish you need for specific purposes, for school or travel or social life. If you are currently studying Spanish I can work with your formal academic coursework, while supplementing my own language learning methods. Whether you want to improve existing Spanish for work, social life or for a planned trip, I can teach you within "themes" with an emphasis on conversation, and/or specific areas of vocabulary, written Spanish if necessary, and proper spoken accent.

Depending upon how we structure our work together I charge from $20/hr. to $30 for individual work and less for couples and small groups, with discounts available.