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My name is Myriam, a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Hampton Roads. I am a professional native Spanish speaker tutor who is originally from Lima, Peru. I graduated from San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas, and I have worked as a Bilingual Administrative Assistant and as an Interpreter for 25 years in the United States. I have my own company now and have been in business since 2010 serving the Hampton Roads area.

With the right tutor, learning Spanish can be fun. Let me help you with beginning, intermediate or conversational Spanish. I create and provide my own lessons, so it is not necessary for you to buy books. You will learn pronunciation, grammar, writing, spelling and useful expressions. I use a very effective method of teaching, which makes it distinctive from others.

Please beware of Spanish programs or mediocre services that don't deliver. They all promise that you will be able to speak a foreign language in a few days or with a few lessons, and that is simply not true. You have to memorize your nouns, verbs and grammar to be able to speak it fluently; there are no shortcuts. It is also necessary to have a tutor who answers all your questions and stops you when you are not pronouncing a word correctly. I have a very well thought out program that delivers results.