• Appliance Cleaning

We Do Dishes . . . Call us. . .

when your stored china and silver needs sprucing for the holidays.
when the dishes after that dinner party are more than you remember starting out.
when your multi-tasking has topped out and has reached it's limits.
when there's no one else to take turns with washing the dishes.
you've been diagnosed as dish washing challenged.
because you don't have a dishwasher.

We provide a specialty dishwashing service. We hand wash china: (bone, fine and porcelain); we polish silver: (sterling and silver-plated) and cookware (copper and stainless steel). We also wash everyday dishes for people who do not have time due to long days and schedules, have allergies or disabilities or just want a conscious level of hygiene for their dishes and eating utensils.

In addition, we can wipe kitchen countertops, spot clean light stains on appliances, sweep and swiffer your kitchen floor. Call us!