Ms. Porter Spring cleaning and organizing

  • Housekeeping

My name is Ms. Porter, let me let you know a little bit about me and what i do as a company.
I've been cleaning since my mom stuck the broom in my hand at five years of age and lets just say I flipped it around and turned my chores into something that can invest in my life I started cleaning for the elderly and people with a boat load of children and from there my company emerged. You see I just moved back to Cleveland and I am looking to secure a new 6 month cleaning contract before I terminate my old one.

I cleaned for two night clubs 3 days a week my duties wore the kitchen bathrooms party room' i mopped did wipe downs dust and sweep and i sometimes organize if needed keeping the place in tip top shape making it feel more welcoming and inviting. I also clean residential properties, small offices ..laundry and folding for residential properties are optional. I have a team of women just in case the job is big to come help clean i also clean for the elderly and the disable. I can assure we do a great job and you will love the results. We deliver.
let me come to your company and make a difference in the first impression we all no first impression is the best impression. thanks for hearing me out and I'm looking forward to working with you ..

Prices go by the sizes of the place and the work needed done.. we can do hourly or set rate call me, lets talk and cook up a good deal .. to get your business home or what ever looking and smelling amazing.