St Louis Traffic Law Counselors $45 DWI Center $500

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys $500.00

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CALL A COMPETING LAW FIRM OR TWO - really - and see how they sound on the phone. If you are measuring knowledge along with price, there is really no way we can lose.

Ask about: Driving While Suspended, Guilty Pleas Withdraw, Minor in Possession, Distribution of Drugs, DWI, DUI, Speeding Tickets, Stop Signs, Burglary, Leaving The Scene, Driving While Revoked, Possession, Limited Driving Privilege, WARRANT RECALL, Picking a Lawyer, FAIR FEES, Abuse and Lose, SATOP, Community Service, Compliance, Director of Revenue, Child Endangerment, Assault, improper lane use, failure to signal, violation of electric signal, redlight camera, accidents, careless and imprudent driving and ALL misdemeanor and felonies.