• Moving $30.00


I provide a convenient moving service if you've only got a few large items. I have several packing blankets, two hand trucks, furniture dollies, and plenty of straps and rope. . . most importantly, I've got a light duty Silverado truck. I work alone, so I would likely need your help or someone else's in loading/unloading my truck, esp. for items like couches, mattresses, and dressers. However, if you've just got boxes/totes or smaller items (dining chairs, nightstands, bookshelves), I can do all the lifting.

Usually I offer a flat rate for one or just a few items: $25 to $50 base charge + mileage: 50c per mile for all the miles in my round trip. However, if you're moving several items that may require one or more trips (a storage clear out for instance), I switch to an hourly rate of $30/hr (prorated after first hour) plus mileage. My starting and ending location is 401 W. Orangewood Ave. in Anaheim (near southeast corner of Disneyland... please consult map).

The measurements of my truck bed:
L: 78" (98" w/ tailgate down)
W: 60" (48" betw. wheel wells)


Can transport household goods, namely furniture, to and from various locations (apartments, homes, furniture retailers, storage units, etc.)

Can transport appliances up to 250 lbs.

Can retrieve a pre-paid item without you so long as I can load it myself or the seller can help (for retail stores, even thrift stores, employees help with loading)

Can pay seller out-of-pocket so long as item is $300 or less.

Can load/unload Uhaul trucks for $30.00/hr. plus mileage (prorated after first hour)

Can assemble home or office furniture (Ikea, Bush, Coaster, etc.) Can mount flat screen TVs and whiteboards and hang shelves, painting/picture, mirrors, curtains, blinds, etc. ($25.00/hr. + mileage)

Can remove items to the Brea landfill (Olinda) for North County residents or to the Irvine landfill (Frank R. Bowerman) for South County residents (labor + mileage + $20.00 dump fee)

Contact Jeffrey for availability and/or estimate via phone...