• Motorcycle Repair

I am a Mobile Installer who comes to you, weather it is your home work or were ever you are. I have been in car audio industry for more then 23 years working every facet of the business, from basic radio and speakers to multiple amplified custom systems, including video, back-up-cameras, back-up-sensors, LED lighting and everything else you can think of and have installed thin equipment in cars, trucks, boats, bikes, campers, jet ski and golf carts. . .not to mention power wheel chairs.

I have noticed that we live in a day in age were a lot of people by there products from the internet because of the saving but then you have to find a tech or a shop to install it in which most shops will raise there labor cost since you did not buy the product from them.

So that is why I am offering my services to you, if you need anything installed into you vehicle, boat or bike and you are in the Clearwater - Tampa area then call me for an estimate and if you like what you hear then I will come to you to do the install, I have every tool to do every job.

Thank you!