STICK SHIFT/Manual Transmission Driving lesson

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Hello, my name is Kevin. I am offering my professional driving skills to train you how to drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle/non-commercial vehicle. I have a 2013 Ford Focus 5 speed small vehicle and a 2005 Toyota Tundra 6 speed manual transmission large vehicle that are very easy to learn on. I have been driving stick shift/manual for over 10 years and 5 years of over the road commercial driving experience on 10/13/18 speed manual transmission as well.

I train you to be prepared for up and down hills, down shifting and upshifting. If I can teach as young as my 15 year old brother to do it, then I can teach you as well! .... must have a license or permit to drive please!

I promise to leave you feeling accomplished!!! but don't think that one time of training is enough time to go drive for nascar! training is key and I am here to HELP!

CDL licensed
vehicle registered and insured

Contact me at anytime of day to set an appointment to start training mornings/ afternoon/ night at your convenience. I travel to any part of San Diego County.