Moving specialist, please call! $65.00/h

  • Moving $65.00

Please call James for any questions or concerns
We provide full service moves at an affordable rate and we wrap and protect all of your furniture.

Our hourly rate is $65.00 an hour for a 2 man crew and $80.00 for a 3 man crew. Each hourly rate includes a 17 foot truck and has a 3 hour minimum. We provide 10 free miles and charge $1.00 per mile thereafter.

We provide flat rate options to customers who provide a detailed list of items to be moved. We also provide full load and half load flat rates for our Los Angeles customers.

Please see below to find out how you can save time and money on your move!
Saving Time and Money

Many of my customers want to know what they can do before
their move to save money and make the moving process smooth. My ultimate goal
is to make the moving process quick, easy, and affordable for all of my

Here are some things you can do before we arrive that can save you
time and money during the moving process:

1. Pack all loose items.
2. Place all boxes and miscellaneous items in a centralized area (preferably stacked).
3. Clearly label boxes by room.
4. Break down your bed frame.
5. Remove large mirrors that are attached to dressers.

Of course, we will gladly do these things for you, however, taking these steps will allow for a quicker, more efficient move; thus you will save money.