STUMP GRINDING - Bill's Snappy Stumping Service

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I'm retired and offer some of the most reasonable rates in the Madison Area for tree stump grinding. I can also provide pretty quick turn around time. Let's get those stumps ground before you wreck your mower or your face tripping over them. Stumps make perfect places for hobos and miscreants to settle in and take naps. Hire me to grind those stumps or I may be that miscreant sleeping there!!

I have a small stump grinder that can fit inside most gates and get to almost any stump.
I can grind your tree stumps 4"-6" below the soil grade. I can then rake the stump chips into the hole where the stump was or rake them in a pile just next to where the stump was.

I do not offer removal of the stump chips as they make great mulch and compost around your landscape.
I can give ball park quotes over the phone as I charge by the inch. However, the actual cost may be more if I have to cut the tree trunk down closer to the ground or remove rocks around the base of the tree.

I may have to call Digger's Hotline in advance, if it is not certain where utility lines are located.
Call and ask for Bill. Thanks for reading!