Stump Grinding Services. Affordable and Professional

  • Tree Services $50.00

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Stump removal, root removal, shrub/bush removal, hedge removal, small tree removal, haul away services.
Average grinding depth of 10 to 16 inches.

We remove the entire mound along with the stump. When we are done and the chips are removed, you will never know there was a tree there. You can replace it with another tree, seed it for grass, plant a garden, or pour a concrete pad.

We will never offer to just grind down a couple inches. The job is done right the first time every time.
Someone do a botched job and not remove the entire mound? Mushrooms growing in the area because the stump is still there? Roots left behind? We can fix that!
Close to your house or windows? We use a chip screen to protect your property and keep the mess confined to a smaller area, making cleanup that much easier.
Close to utilities? We use OUPS (Ohio Utilities Protection Service) to make sure jobs are done safely.

No job is complete until we rake and sweep the area.
Three machines to handle the smallest and largest of jobs. Our stump grinders can get into tight spaces and raised beds. All machines are self propelled and yard friendly. No need to drive a truck on your yard.

Low minimum calls:
$50 in Medina County
$75 outside Medina County (up to an hour's travel)

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