TechTen Technologies. Systems Integration Contractor

  • Electrician

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Do you need repairs to your electrical infrastructure? More circuits, lighting or even a panel upgrade from 60 Amp to 100 or 200 Amps? Do you need NEW electrical service or an electronic system?
Please call TechTen Technologies, Inc.!
We are a legitimate California Corporation.
We are a State Licensed Electrical (C-10) Contractor.
We are a State Licensed Alarm Company (ACO)
We do professional installations legally and pull building permits when required.
Those Installations are then inspected by the local Electrical Inspector.
We have the State Required Contractors Bond.
We have an Engineer on Staff and Qualified and Trained Electricians and Low-Voltage Technicians.
We are also a Member of the IntelEstate Network of Contractors and can provide many other types of Electrical and Electronic Systems.