The best value in carpet cleaning! Kaptain Kleen

  • Carpet Installation $99.00

How do you determine value? At Kaptain Kleen, we believe value has 2 parts. The first part is the quality of the work. We use deep clean, dry foam technology that fluffs the nap and leaves your carpets looking great! They dry in about an hour and a half. The second part is the price for the service.

Our prices are competitive. We give a great deal of service for the money. It all starts with the initial phone call and ends with a smile on your face. You will receive a friendly voice on the phone, that is educated and ready to help. We will arrive at your door with a positive attitude, ready to serve you and give you the one on one attention you deserve. Our equipment is made by a leading carpet care manufacturer who has been in the business for around 100 years! Our units are made to work in conjunction with each other. The highly efficient vacuum and the dry foam, nap fluffing shampooer, together, do an awesome job! The shampoo is friendly for use around kids and pets, has a deodorizer, disinfectant and color brightener.

Call us today and get 3 rooms, professionally cleaned, for $99.00*. Hurry, limited time only!
*Steps require a more intense labor process and are extra. May be an extra fee for excessive stain and spot treatment. We offer repeat business, Senior and Military discounts!

Here is our process:
1. Thoroughly vacuum with our highly efficient machines, including edging and baseboard.
2. Pretreat existing stains and spots.
3. Apply a generous layer of foam and vigorously work into the fibers.
4. Groom the fibers and lift the nap to help promote drying, which is typically 1.5 hours.

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