• Pet Sitting & Walking

Dear Dog Lover:
In order to be great companions, dogs need exercise, stimulation and socialization on a regular basis. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, it might be time to consider calling in a professional for a mid-day outing:

How do you know it's time to call in a Dog Walker?

1) Your dog is "acting out" from boredom and lack of exercise during the week.
2) You come home to find "presents" waiting for you -- your pooch just couldn't hold it in any longer.
3) You want your life back! You're tired of rushing home after work or on lunch breaks to let the dog out.
4) Your dog has way too much energy and is bouncing off the walls.
5) The only outdoor space your dog ever sees is your backyard.
6) You've started relying on neighbors for your dog's potty breaks. While they mean well, neighbors often regard this is a "favor" and won't put it high on their priority list. Your dog's needs may easily be put aside if something comes up. This would never happen with a professional.
7) Your pup is "socially awkward" with other dogs -- barking excessively, displaying hostility, etc. Repeated exposure and playtime with other dogs while romping outdoors usually resolves these issues, as well as adding greatly to your dog's happiness.

Let's Romp! Dog Walking & Pet Sitting could be the answer for you and your pup!

I offer affordable rates for conscientious pet lovers who want high quality care for their animal companions. Get your dog or cat a fabulous new best friend and contact me, Heather, today!