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Colleen Smirl has increased her availability. She has left Beverly Milder's Musical Arts and now teaches exclusively for Townsend Music School. She took lessons at Townsend Music School throughout childhood, and has a Bachelor of Music degree from Webster University. She is a virtuoso pianist, vocalist, and flutist. Mrs. Smirl has taught for Townsend Music School for 9 years. As with all of our instructors, Mrs. Smirl teaches beginning students as well as advanced students.

In addition to a teaching staff second to none, anywhere, we have Steinway and Baldwin grands and Yamaha consoles in our studios. Plus, we offer recitals twice a year and belong to the National Guild of Piano Teachers, American College of Musicians. (Students may play for a judge if you wish to enter the auditions.)

Milder Musical Arts charges 25% more than we do for tuition.
Webster Community Music School charges 30% more than we do.

If your child wants to begin lessons, or if you have out grown your present teacher, call us. And if you want to pay less for a teacher with qualifications as good as or better than your present teacher at any of the aforementioned schools, call us at Townsend Music School.

Townsend Music School,
14776 Clayton Road, Ballwin, MO 63011

Come and take lessons from the musicians at Townsend Music School. Townsend Music School is the premiere music school in the Midwest and is extraordinary.

This is where you will find teachers who know what they are doing. We use tried and true, SUCCESSFUL METHODS of teaching, proven by decades and decades of success.

We are celebrating our 65th ANNIVERSARY this September.
Over 65 years of excellence in music education.
Over 65 years of successfully teaching thousands of students!
Over 65 years of dependable, trustworthy service to our community.

We are an exclusive private music school interested only in music education.
You live in an area with excellent schools. We are sure that is no accident. So why not give your child professional lessons at Townsend? We have 65 years of experience. It makes a difference!!!


Because our instructors are in such demand and are so extraordinary, other schools have sought them out for their students. We have made special arrangements that have allowed a few of our teachers to teach at other schools as well as ours. We share and have shared instructors with the other 2 well known schools west of 270. (Milder and Webster)

THEIR TUITION IS OVER 25% HIGHER THAN OURS for piano, and 18% for piano/voice and voice..
Three of our other instructors have Masters Degrees in music, and all of our instructors have Bachelor of Music Degrees. But more importantly, we know how to teach, and we use better methods.

We have STEINWAY, YAMAHA, and BALDWIN pianos. They are tuned 3 times a year and are kept in excellent condition at all times.

We have recitals twice a year at the Steinway Piano Gallery Concert Hall.
TOWNSEND MUSIC SCHOOL offers lessons in piano, voice, singing, violin, viola, flute, guitar, theory and composition.

It's worth it to drive as far as it takes to get to a good teacher. But we are fairly close to anybody living in St. Louis West County.