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Tree Braids are a safe and protective hair style for relaxed and natural hair. Tree Braids are a hair extension technique that gives a woman the best of both worlds, cornrowing your natural hair while having the "long hair don't care" look. Tree Braids are full and beautiful and fall back from the face like natural hair. The hair can be worn up depending on the length you select or it can be worn loose.

You can pretty much part it wherever you like. Tree Braids almost completely cover and camouflage the cornrows. The real hair is braided into the cornrows, thereby protecting the natural hair and giving it freedom from daily hair-care stresses.

Tree Braids last 2-3 months with the right care and maintenance. They take less time to put in than regular box braids and definitely less time than micros... (About 4 hours) You can use any length hair, from above shoulder length all the way to the middle of your back. The braiding technique used is more secure than adding weave tracks and completely hides your hair away to give it a break from chemicals, heat styling, combing and brushing. Great for clients going natural. Depending on the hair used for your tree braids (synthetic or human, wavy or straight etc) will determine how you brush or comb your style. Tree braids can be shampooed and the removal of tree braids is just as easy as taking out cornrows.

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