• Chimney Services

As a leader in commercial masonry restoration, we are fully versed in restoration, including historic masonry restoration, new masonry construction and concrete restoration guidelines and requirements as well as above-grade waterproofing.

We are committed to delivering the finest craftsmanship at competitive prices. We specializes in accurately and effectively restoring exterior and interior installations of brick, concrete, stucco and stone.

Masonry Restoration
Things like heavy snow, plant growth, heavy equipment working nearby, and thermal expansion and contraction (freeze-and-thaw cycles), can cause masonry to crack.

Water repellents act as a deterrent, causing water to bead up rather than pervade into the wall and corrode the anchors and structural steel.

Caulking Replacement
Caulking compounds and sealants are used to seal cracks and joints in buildings to avoid water penetration.
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