Tutor: Spanish, English, ESL and History

  • Private Tutoring $20.00

I am mainly a Spanish tutor.
Qualifications: I teach at UNR, Spanish 111, 112, 211, but can tutor up to 300 level courses. I have a Master's in Spanish and a BA in Spanish.

I am a heritage speaker, which means I was born in the States, but spoke Spanish growing up. I know a lot about the culture concepts.

This also means I have taken Spanish 1-4 in high school, so I know your struggles as a native speaker of English.
I have traveled to Mexico over 30 times. Several of those times I have driven, once I drove to El Salvador and back. So I have hands on experience in the culture.

I am bilingual and can speak, read, and write fluently in both languages.
Qualifications for English: I have helped high school students with their essays. I was an Instructional Aide in California and have letters of recommendation. Mostly tutored and helped Special Ed and ESL students.

Qualifications for history: I have a B. A. Latin American Studies. I was a Teachers Assistant for Chore Humanities at UNR in Ancient-Medieval history and Modern-present history. My concentration is U. S, Latin American, Medieval, and Modern history.

High school students $20.00 an hour
University/college students and adults $25.00 an hour