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Specializing in problem-solving. Adults, children. Patient, creative, unconventional approach. 34 years teaching experience.

Work on: Finger Technique, Sight-Reading, Rhythm Training, Music Theory, Classical Repertoire, Popular Repertoire, Interpretation, Injury-Retraining, Relaxation, Removing Unnecessary Tension, Pain-Reduction, Practice-Optimization, Biomechanical Efficiency, Time-Management, Improvisation, Composition &, Songwriting, Chord-Reading and How to Play Lead Sheets & Fake Book, Musical Styles (Pop, Country, Gospel, Blues, R&B, etc.), Ear-Training, Sight-Singing, Pitch Control Training (for Singers), Self-Accompanying (for Singers), How to Sing Harmony (for Singers), College Preparation, Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Fear, Releasing Emotional Obstacles to Playing, Emotional Blocks, Healing Piano Trauma and Previous Performance Disasters, Piano Therapy, How to Look Like You've Played Piano for Years (for Actors, Singers and Celebrities Who Have A Role Deadline)
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