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Learning to Play, and Playing to Learn!
Galaxy Music is a school of classically based music education. We believe that learning classical music is a necessary foundation to branch off into other genres.

Sign up for lessons today and we will match you with one of our local teachers that specializes in your instrument! Whether you're a beginner who's just starting out, or a novice who's had a few years of experience, we have a lesson program for you.

We will help you improve your technique, broaden your repertoire, and solidify your music theory. With our tuition based program, we guarantee only the highest quality learning experience!

Studies show that students involved in quality music programs have shown:
Higher participation with lower drop out rates
Higher scores on standardized testing
22 percent better English scores
20 percent better in Math
And have demonstrated better problem solving skills!

Call Galaxy Music today and start expanding your mind and broadening your musical horizons!

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