WEED AND FEED LAWNS - $155.00 an acre

  • Lawn Care $155.00

I apply select herbicides {weed killer} and or fertilizers on larger lawns and turf with a shrouded sprayer. Which means less herbicide required, faster drying times and protection of non-target plants {Flowers} from drift or run off.

I offer once or twice a year broad-leaf plans. I also have a crabgrass plan. The average total price of each application is $155.00 an acre. This is broken down to square footage sprayed. (Minimum of 15000 square feet for $55.00) Each application consists of Fertilizer, Herbicide and Iron.

Total price is determined by:
Distance to job location (25 to 35 miles is 0.15 cents a mile with a one acre minimum)
Distance greater than 35 miles is a two acre minimum
Total area sprayed.
Products used.

Dandelions and Plantain is the most prevalent nuisance in this area. The products I use control 200+ weeds.

Additional services offered:
Soil testing
Mowing and trimming - Going on vacation, need someone to maintain the lawn? Call me!
Light landscaping

I am also offering a few total care packages.
Veteran owned. Licensed and insured. Subcontracting Available.
I am a solo operation witch allows me to provide a more personalized service.

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