What! Finalize Un-contested Divorce by Attorney, now only $299!

  • Divorce Lawyers $300.00

Did you have some paralegal or notary draw up form divorce documents and DON'T know how to finalize your divorce? Or maybe you have to wait on the County's staff attorney to review your paperwork and finalize your divorce 8-12 months later, in what can be done by outside attorney within a few days if the required time period has passed.

Let an attorney consult and represent you in finalizing your un-contested Divorce quickly for as little as $299
If you need help with filing a new Un-contested Divorce, I can also assist in filing all paperwork and you may be divorced in as little as 61 days under Texas Family Law guidelines

I can also assist with Estate planning documents such as:
Durable Power of Attorney (Financial), $75.00;
Simple Wills, only $150.00
Medical Power of Attorney: $100
Advance Directive to Physician/Living Will: $100
HIPAA Authorizations: $75
**or ask about Estate Bundle Package*

Affidavit of Heirship, $175
Small Estate Affidavits: $250
Residential warranty deeds (simple): $125 [add $50 for metes and bounds legal descriptions]
Residential warranty deeds (complex- e.g., assumption or "subject to" deeds): $175

Domestic Partnership Agreements, $150.00;
LLC Filings; $150 + state filing fee
Demand Letters: $150

(**Fees quoted in Family Law matters depend on complexity of case. $299.00 price only includes final uncontested hearing with basic decree (no children or property). Documentation preparation fees posted do not include court filing fees, mobile notary, or court legal representation unless indicated. You may be eligible to apply for waiver of court filing fees in certain instances. Add $50 handling (plus the applicable fee) to perform Pro Se document filings. Documents and/or questionnaires pertaining to your case should be emailed.)

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