Your dog will love us more! Dog walking champions!

  • Pet Sitting & Walking $25.00

Are you tired of paying money to dog walkers who spend half your dog's time grabbing other dogs while yours remains tied up outside stores, just so they can make more money?

I walk one dog at a time, period. No exceptions except in the case of BONDED DOGS in the home who need each other.

Are you worried that your walker is texting or listening to music while they are supposed to be focusing on your dog?

Is your dog a puller or a reticent walker, and are you looking for someone with experience who knows how to manage their needs?

I have been a professional dog handler for two years, a volunteer for 8, and I have walked thousands of dogs of all sizes and tempers. I walk with TWO leashes attached for your safety, I am insured, I send photos and updates after EVERY walk, and your neighbors are never, ever going to tell you they saw me talking on the phone with your beloved companion on a leash beside me. I don't do it. Period.

I also start counting time from the moment your dog and i start walking. Not from when I arrive .

Dog walk rates:
15 Minute Walks : 15$ (best for relief only, a good choice for people who exercise their dogs daily but need a little help to get through the day)
30 Minute Walks : 18$
45 Minute Walks : 21$
60 Minute Walks : 25$