Your PC Problems Solved! A+ PC Tech, Upgrades, Tutoring, Troubleshooting

  • Computer Repair

Get a New PC. Laptop or Smartphone that you need to setup? Need to Upgrade your old Windows XP? Windows 7? Trained A+ PC Tech offering my 35+ years of Computer/ Laptop & Web knowledge- can do PC Reformats and Upgrades, Power Supply Replacements and Hard Drive Data Retrieval, Backup & Recovery, IPhone & Google/ Android App Installs, Troubleshooting and Phone Resets. I've also done Installs and Troubleshooting of Wireless Four-In-One Printers.

Repairs, Parts, Website Consulting & Design, HTML, Windows XP & Win 7 upgrades, WiFi, Routers, Printers, Modems & Internet Connection problems, Network Setups. Have 35+ years in the computer

Biz! I've done Virus Detection & Elimination. I have 24 years in Communications in the Military. Have done Installs & Tutoring for the Disabled & Nam Vets thru Voc Rehab! Will do Housecalls. I have built Blogs using Wordpress. I have HTML experience having used FrontPage & Dreamweaver and having edited HTML.

I've done installs of online Windows based All-In-One POS cash registers w/inventory
database, counter & hand scanners capable of accepting credit cards.

Ive done SEO Search Engine Optimization using SEO tools, Meta Tag Generation
& Insertion, Search Engine Submittals and Website Analysis. Call Steve!