Your Reading and Math Tutor! (Adults and Children)

  • Private Tutoring

Miss Eileen ~ "Bringing the Joy Back to Learning!"
10 am - 8 pm

Fees for Each 55"(minutes) session depends on Finances, Location, & # of Sessions: $15-$30.

I have an "Elite Tutoring Service" for Every Single Student that comes to me. I Specialize in
Reading and Math for Adults & Children. I was formerly a Substitute Teacher in Virginia Beach
Public Schools K-12. I have a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education & English. I have been
tutoring many years, and have several years of teaching experience. I am often working with
students in both public and private schools, and home schools as well.

"I Assist Adults With Many Subjects Including Pre-GED Testing Preparation."

I tutor at Bayside Library, and my nearby home. The library is located about 3-5 minutes from
Town Center at 936 Independence Blvd, Va Bch. I live on the other side of Independence Blvd,
two minutes from both the library and Aragona Village.

Please call me with any questions and concerns. You may have a free consultation
in person or on the phone or with emails if you like. There is no obligation with this.

I can tutor 6-7 days a week & my fees are very flexible for each *55 minutes* session.
I have Scholarships available so please ask for this service to see what I can offer.
A Sliding Scale is frequently used as well so we do have many options to explore.
I offer indvidualized personal instruction; I work with one student at a time.