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With a photojournalist style I like to document events as they happen naturally, reflecting the genuine emotions and character of my client. My main intention is to provide you whit a set of photographic image that you will be thrilled to own and show. Using creative flare and professional digital cameras… View more

 9919 Loudoun Ave, Manassas, Virginia
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3 Church Circle, Suite 278, Annapolis, MD 21401 I am an independent producer of TV commercials, and corporate and promotional videos. I advise clients on how to use video and photography to their best potential, and create for them the video content to help them achieve their goals. I am also available… View more

 3 Church Circle, Suite 278, Annapolis, MD, United States
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Questions and Answers

Q: What do boudoir photography services include?

A: Boudoir photography is the art of depicting inner sexuality and sensitivity in the same picture. Most often boudoir photos are shot in lingerie to strip away all the useless clothes and leave only the true emotions and appearance of a model. Boudoir photos are most often required for advertising shots, personal self-assertion, and as a gift for a partner.

Q: How do boudoir photographers charge?

A: As all other photographers, boudoir experts charge based on package deals. Packages usually include several hours of shooting (1-2), a number of edited images (5-50), and several outfit changes (1-5). The cost of a package depends on the combination of these characteristics.

Besides packaged deals, you may also find per hour deals from boudoir photographer. This charging method is usually used when a client needs more shooting hours than stated in the package deal.

On top of the basic pricing method, don’t forget about extra services, such as prints or MUAH services that are generally charged separately.

Q: What is the average cost of the boudoir photographer services?

A: The average cost of a boudoir photography session varies from $600 to $1,400 in total, while the per-hour rates lie between $200-$380/hour. To learn more about the prices and discounts of boudoir photographers, please read our boudoir photographer cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the boudoir photography services?

A: While generally the cost of the boudoir photography sessions is based on the package deals designed by a photographer, there are several factors that may increase the cost you pay in total.

  • Length. If you’re buying a package that includes 2 hours of a session and after that understand that you would like to extend the session, then you will have to pay extra for every additional hour.
  • Props and lingerie. While some props are a common offer within the boudoir photography packages, lingerie can be taken outside of the basic offer. However, most studios and photographers have a large arsenal of lingerie for sessions so you shouldn’t experience any problems with finding the right outfit but that is for some extra charge, of course.
  • MUA and hair styling. Preparation of your appearance is usually your own responsibility. Yet, most photographers know great MUAH artists who can help you get ready for the session. Such a service will cost extra but you may get a discount if you hire an artist from the photographer’s list.
  • Prints. Prints are never included in any photography package. So be ready that every printed image will cost extra.
  • Studio vs. outdoor. Since boudoir photography is generally seen as a very intimate process, it’s generally shot only inside the studio. Plain air sessions cost significantly more because a photographer needs to find a closed yet beautiful place to keep the client comfortable.

Q: How to choose the right boudoir photographer?

A: The process of choosing a perfect boudoir photographer is no different from finding the right photographer for other purposes. However, as this style of photography has its special features, you need to take them into account when choosing your photo master.

  • Style. Go through the available albums of several photographers and compare their styles. You need to choose a photographer whose level of freedom and openness matches your inner feelings about your photo session.
  • Persona. Boudoir photography sessions are usually very intimate and so should be treated carefully by a photographer. Meet with the names on your list to decide whether you like the person you will need to undress in front of or not.
  • Limits. Since not everyone is ready to strip completely for a photo, your boudoir photographer needs to feel the border that you will not cross for a picture. As a rule, you can understand the photographer from his or her photos and decide if s/he can depict the real you. With the right photographer you can make different photos: some loud and defiant, others cozy yet deep.
  • Experiments. Most often people don’t even comprehend to what extent they are ready to experiment. Try to look for a photographer who will see your personality and be able to highlight your strong points by offering you unusual experiments during the session.