Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HireRush?

HireRush is an online platform aimed to be a real help for both customers and service providers. Customers can entrust their needs for the work to be done to service providers they find on, and give service providers their own space to grow their business and customer base.

Okay, why should I use HireRush platform?

HireRush takes care of credibility. For this reason we make all the profiles undergo scrupulous screening before publication. That said, customers can search through a number of verified profiles on HireRush platform and choose the most appropriate trustworthy service providers based on their work experience, previous completed projects, and reviews left by other customers. Being a customer also allows you to leave a review for any service provider on HireRush platform and, thus, help others make their mind on a certain local pro.

And what states does HireRush cover?

HireRush ensures coverage of all 50 states including small towns and settlements.

I still have some questions. Whom can I turn to?

You can direct all your questions, suggestions and ideas to our HireRush Support Team via email or phone call +1 (646) 859-0123.