Frequently Asked Questions

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For ProvidersGet started with HireRush as a Professional

What does HireRush offer for service providers?

HireRush in itself is a platform with a number of features specifically designed for start-up, promotion and development of your business and professional standing. Joining HireRush platform allows you to get leads, complete projects, collect reviews and, in this way, boost your business and gain reputation among your customers and other service providers.

Okay then, how can I opt in on

It’s plain sailing. You go to and click “Join as a Pro.” After you complete the registration steps, you get opted-in with the Free account. Don’t forget to fill in your business profile.

What can I do to boost my profile?

After you have your Free Profile, you can upgrade it to Plus or Premium one which will give you even more opportunities for the growth of your name, business, and customer base. To learn more about Plus Profile Plan, go to FAQ for PLUS providers; to check Premium Profile Plan, go to FAQ for Premium providers.

How can I get leads?

HireRush Team keeps an eye out for you, so when some customer leaves a task for the services you specialize in on, you get a notification on your email and SMS on your phone. All you have to do is to follow the link you receive in SMS and set the quote. All SMS from HireRush will be sent to you from the following phone numbers only:

  • (202) 930-9335
  • (646) 490-9005
  • (352) 289-0092
  • (415) 689-7383
  • (512) 488-4233
  • (206) 203-1660
  • (210) 880-9648
  • (210) 405-2659
  • (646) 480-2586
  • (646) 681-3787
  • (628) 227-6120
  • (678) 831-6682
  • (512) 580-9942
  • (321) 204-0707
  • (702) 728-4674
  • (858) 997-0927
  • (913) 521-5929
  • (334) 564-9033
  • (323) 433-5604
  • (469) 620-8121
  • (615) 808-7036
  • (505) 484-2670
  • (312) 313-8094
  • (916) 758-9045
  • (646) 846-7874
  • (929) 396-3033
  • (469) 620-8451
  • (210) 405-8224

How can I communicate with my prospective customer?

After you set a quote for the work to be done, you get the customer’s contact phone number. Besides, HireRush provides you with a chat box to text and clarify all the details concerning the task including time, place, equipment, etc.

What if I set a quote and didn’t get the job?

Turn to HireRush Team within 2 business days to get a refund. It happens sometimes but no need to stress out. Next time it will be yours.

Do reviews influence my position on the platform?

Yes. Your reviews directly influence your position on the better reviews you have, the higher is your position on the platform.

How can I collect reviews?

You can notify your former and current customers about your profile on and ask them to leave a review for you. In order to do it, you have to be logged-in to your HireRush account, and go to Promote Profile > Get Reviews. There you can:

  • share you profile via social networks (facebook, linkedin, and twitter)
  • ask your customers to leave a review by sending them an email or SMS

Don’t be coy and remember! The more customers you ask to leave a review, the higher your positions will be and the more dependable you will be for your prospective clients.

How else can I increase my visibility on the website?

Make your business profile as much complete and informative as possible: except for reviews, add photos of the projects you’ve already completed, your business name, address, phone numbers, working hours, bonuses and coupons (if any). Gain more profit with perks of Plus and Premium Profile Plans.

I still have some questions. Whom can I turn to?

You can direct all your questions, suggestions and ideas to our HireRush Support Team via email or phone call +1 (646) 859-0123.