Frequently Asked Questions

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For Premium providersGet the whole nine yards with HireRush Premium Profile Plan

Why should I subscribe to Premium Profile Plan?

Premium Profile Plan has the greatest number of different perks for your business growth: unlimited quotes, personal domain with business website and diverse designs, top positions in HireRush listings, SEO tools, custom phone number, review field, and fields for special offers, discounts, and coupons. Check the complete list of Premium features on

If I am a Premium Provider, does it mean that I will get the leads quicker than Free & Plus Providers?

Definitely. Being a Premium Provider means being the first to get the notifications of the new leads on HireRush.

What does Premium position mean?

HireRush has its own ranking on the website. Having a Premium position allows you as a Premium Provider to take the highest positions and have the highest visibility for the customers among other service providers.

Does unlimited free quotes mean I will set all the quotes for nothing?

True. Unlimited free quotes means that you set all your quotes for all customers’ requests for free.

What is a personal domain?

A personal domain name is literally a name of your personal website, it may look like

A personal domain name is the first thing your customer has to remember about you to find you in the search engine. It has to be unique and easy-to-remember, as well as plausibly indicate what you offer. The more accurate you are about your personal domain name, the higher your position in search engines is. Our HireRush Managers will give you a hand with it and together you will select the most appropriate domain name for your personal website. We can ensure you with gTLDs like .com, .net .info, or .us.

What is a business website?

A business website is a multipage website for your business representation, where you can add the information about your company, services you provide, special offers and discounts, reviews of previous and current customers, photos of your achievements and the like.

Why do you need a personal business website?

The internet has become just another place for business. As a professional, you know how important it is to have your presence there. Besides, it’s very convenient mainly for your customers. They have a chance to look through your services, find out your working hours, destination you serve, and read your latest reviews - basically everything the customer want to know about the professional. By developing and enriching your website, you will be many times ahead of your competitors.

What about the design of my website?

Your website design is a shopfront of your business representation in the internet that’s why HireRush designers have everything prepared for you. All you have to do is to select the most appropriate design and color scheme.

Will my website be optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Yes, your website will be optimized for the latest algorithms of the main searching engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our website designs are optimized both for desktop and mobile website versions. That will positively influence your ranking in the search engine.

How can I control the traffic?

Track your traffic with Google Analytics. Sign up to get started with Google Analytics but first check if you have a gmail account. If you don’t have one, create it for free. It won’t take much time. Then, enter the name of your account in Google Analytics and link it to your website, get your Track ID, visit HireRush dashboard and in SEO Settings past your Track ID into the Google Analytics field.

Using Google Analytics allows you to easily collect and analyze the data about your website.

How can I control my website positions?

Control your website positions using Google Search Console. All you have to do is to go to Google Search Console and sign up by clicking ADD A PROPERTY. For registration you can use either your HTML tag or Google Analytics account. After your get the code, copy it and paste into the SEO Setting section of the HireRush dashboard.

Google Search Console is a powerful tool enabling you to monitor your website performance.

What is the purpose of the custom phone number?

Custom phone number is a phone number you can get to show your customers instead of your personal phone number. It is very convenient if you want to keep your private and business numbers separate.

What is the purpose of phone menu & auto attendant?

Phone Menu allows you to use a good number of features and customize your phone settings to make your working schedule even more convenient. Find Phone Menu in your dashboard. It includes Calendar, Voice Menu, Voice Mail, Calls Log, and Incoming SMS.

  • In Calendar Menu you can set the working hours for your custom phone number so that your customers will be able to reach you and ask for your professional assistance only during the specified working hours, for instance, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Monday to Sunday, or round the clock - it doesn’t matter. You can also set an auto attendant in Voice Menu for the time you are out of work.
  • Voice Menu allows you to add the voice message your customers hear when you’re unable to answer. Be creative and friendly! Let people leave you a message which you’ll listen to later, or redirect them to your business partner, Customer Support Team, Sales Team - whatever. Use all nine numbers of the phone for it, say, your business partner is number 1, your Customer Support is number 2 and the like. And don’t forget to add the voice description for these messages.
  • Voice Mail is a folder with all your incoming voice messages you have from your customers. You know what to do with them.
  • Calls Log is a log with all the outbound and inbound calls you’ve received on your custom phone number. It’s just the same as the Voice Mail but for the calls. Check when Jack Smith rang you up yesterday, or find Meredith Brown number in your Calls Log and ask her once again what is the best way to get to her house.
  • Incoming SMS keeps all the SMS you’ve already received from every customer to your custom phone number.

What are special offers?

Special offers are any interesting proposals you have for your customers, such as discounts and promotions. Don’t forget to place them on your website. They are your good companions in attracting customers and tracking their actions.

How can I pay for the Premium Profile Plan?

You can subscribe and pay for the Premium Profile Plan via Paypal or Stripe using your card.

Note: HireRush does not keep any data of your credit card and any related information on the platform.

What if I don’t want any Premium Profile Plan anymore?

You can always unsubscribe from your Premium Profile Plan any time.

I still have some questions. Whom can I turn to?

You can direct all your questions, suggestions and ideas to our HireRush Support Team via email or phone call +1 (646) 859-0123.