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Questions and Answers

Q: What do carpet installation services include?

A: Carpet installation companies install carpets of all sizes and materials in both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you need a soft carpet with a long nap or a harsher carpet for high-traffic areas, carpet installers can assist with any project. Besides the actual service of carpet laying, these experts also deal with the removal of the old flooring surface, evening of the floor level, and installation of the proper padding beneath as a part of carpet installation preparation procedures.

Q: How do carpet installation companies charge?

A: Carpet installers charge flat rates which are based on the particular features of a project. The cost includes the material itself, meaning the cost of the carpet, labor, and any additional peculiarities that usually only increase the final bill for the project. On average, the percentage is as follows: about 45% is the material cost, around 40% of the total cost you pay for the labor, and 5% are usually saved for the added expenses that may arise in the process of installation.

Q: What is the average cost of the carpet installation services?

A: The average cost of the whole carpet installation project varies from $780 to $2,550 in total where the cost of the carpet itself equals $0.25-$21 per square foot. Please find more numbers and cost-related characteristics of these services in our carpet installation cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the carpet installation services?

A: Most cost-influencing factors in the carpet installation business can only increase the total price of your project. To lower the cost of the project, you can only choose a cheaper material. The rest of the cost-increasing circumstances are as follows:

  • Construction style. There are two basic techniques, namely cut and loop carpet creation. The average cost of both is more or less equal, however, cut carpets of Saxony style cost up to $8 per square foot which is quite expensive if compared to the average $1,5-$4 per square foot.
  • Removal of the previous carpet/flooring material. If you want to save, you can remove the old carpet yourself. However, if your previous flooring material was wood, then it's better to pay extra instead of removing the excessive layer of flooring on your own.
  • Subfloor preparation. The subfloor is required for any type of flooring, carpet included. If your old subfloor is heavily damaged, then its repair will be added as an extra service to the total pay bill.
  • Molding. Molding is needed between the rooms where the carpet meets another flooring material. While the cost is not significant, carpet installers will charge additionally for every molding item separately.
  • Threshold. The threshold is needed only if the carpet is joined to the entrance door. This feature allows you to protect the carpet flooring from excessive damage.
  • Unusual floor shape. Corners, columns, oval floors, rounded floor-wall joints — these are all the features that increase the total bill for carpet installation. Remember that the more architectural surfeits you have, the higher the installers will charge you.

Q: How to avoid scams from carpet installation companies?

A: One of the most common scams in the industry is when a company takes excessive measurements of your flooring and so charge you for more work and materials than those actually required. Here are a few tips on how to avoid paying more than you need:

  • Get several estimates. First of all, measure your flooring personally and then invite several carpet installation contractors for an estimate. Based on the received data and your own calculations, you will be able to eliminate those who are trying to mark up their cost of services.
  • Record and docs. Reliable carpet installers have very few complaint register entries and can demonstrate all required documents: license, insurance, and warranty guarantees. Don’t hire a company even if one of these documents seem suspicious to you or missing.
  • Free installation. Whenever you buy a carpet at some retailer’s store, you can get the offer of free installation. Keep in mind that there is no such thing. Every installation requires some investment and such “free” offers are either unqualified or of low quality. But in most cases, you are likely to see the free “basic” installation and then add up to the final bill a long list of “additional” services. It’s better to agree upfront with the installer upon all the services and conditions to clearly understand the final price you will have to pay.