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Questions and Answers

Q: What do demolition services include?

A: The most basic service that demolition companies offer to the society is the destruction of the old buildings and constructions and so the preparation of a place to a new construction project. Homeowners frequently address demolition services when renovating their gardens and planning to rebuild a gazebo. There are also interior demolition experts who can clean up and so prepare the space for renovation in only a couple of days.

Besides destroying the existing structures, demolition experts also clean up all the construction materials, dirt, and destroyed structures from the site. So when you hire a demolition company you basically hire professional cleaners who can prepare a place for the upcoming construction or improvement.

Major demolition projects include the destruction of buildings, old homes, and even large centers. Sometimes, in the most extensive cases, demolition experts may even use dynamite in their work.

Q: How do demolition companies charge?

A: Most often, demolition companies charge per square foot of the territory that requires demolition. However, some minor projects, like gazebo or shed destruction, may be charged on a per-project basis or a so-called flat rate. Major projects will include both per square foot charges and flat fees because of the large extent of work required.

Q: What is the average cost of the demolition services?

A: Americans report spending between $3,000 and $5,000 for the demolition projects. You can tentatively calculate the cost of your project since the per-square-foot fee equals $3.3-$15. You can also find some additional costs and charges in our demolition cost guide to get a better understanding of the charges.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the demolition services?

A: As stated above, the cost of the demolition varies significantly. Find below the most important cost-influencing factors.

  • Your project location. City area demolition companies usually have higher charges than rural-based businesses. However, be ready to pay extra if your home or building is located far from the company’s reaching area.
  • Project size. The bigger the square footage of your demolition site the more expensive the service is.
  • Structural additions. If you need to demolish a house and have additional patios, sheds, and storages built on the territory, then these constructions will increase the project’s square footage and so the overall cost.
  • Site preparation. Before the demolition is performed, experts need to shut down all utilities, inspect that everything is ready for the demolishing, mark the territory, and provide adequate lighting of the site. All this requires time and so payment.
  • Cleanup scope. After the demolition is over, companies need to clean up the area as a part of their service. Large-scope projects require additional trucks and workers for such a service. Be ready that not always demolition experts include cleanups in their basic service packages.
  • Asbestos. Old homes were built with the asbestos admixtures. Since asbestos is a hazardous material, first the demolition experts have to hire a subcontractor to remove asbestos before getting down to their service. Such an additional expert on-site adds up several hundreds to your final bill.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam demolition company?

A: The bad demolition company may lead to the liability penalties and improper handling of your property. Always ensure that you hire a reputable and reliable demolition company before signing the contract.

  • License. Demolition services require careful planning, experience, and lots of knowledge, especially if you need interior demolition or pool removal. Always verify contractor’s license and its validity before your begin any negotiations.
  • Permits. Before the demolition starts on your property, verify that your contractor obtained all the required permits. Otherwise, you risk paying large fines.
  • Payments. Remember not to hand over any deposits or payments upfront. You pay only after the demolition is over and you are satisfied with the work. This is a standard procedure for the demolition industry.
  • Insurance. Demolition sites are unpredictable so you never know what may happen in the process. Always demand that your contractor provides insurance to all on-site workers in order to protect yourself from healthcare court subpoenas and cases.