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Questions and Answers

Q: What do drain cleaning services include?

A: The basic function of drain cleaning services is to free your pipes and drains from debris and clogs and ensure that you get free running water in your home. The experts can deal with drain problems of any complexity: from the small clogs caused by food in the sink to the major blockages in the mainline.

Drain cleaners offer toilet, sink, tub, shower, and mainline cleaning services. All the basic problems can usually be handled with a simple snake and some skills. Some cases require camera inspection and hydro-jetting services which need more skills and effort as well. Mainline clogs usually require a more complex approach and so bigger project time and manpower involvement.

Q: How do drain cleaning companies charge?

A: Most often, drain cleaning specialists apply a per-project charge for their work. This is explained by a relatively narrow list of services provided and simplicity to calculate the amount of work needed. However, in case you have multiple problems or major issues with many pipes and the mainline, be ready that the final cost will be individually calculated depending on a particular case you’re experiencing.

Q: What is the average cost of the drain cleaning services?

A: The average reported cost of the drain cleaning services is $100-$360 for small and middle-sized projects. Mainline problems are usually the most expensive and so you can expect to pay up to $800 in total. You can find more detailed prices and description of the services included in our drain cleaning cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the drain cleaning services?

A: A number of various facts may change the cost of your drain cleaning project. Here are the most common of them.

  • Blockage cause. Average debris is easy to clean while corroded sewage requires a lot of equipment and effort.
  • Drain problem scope. Minor blockage can be handled by an expert within a couple of minutes while major pipe issues may require several hours and even days of work. The bigger and tougher the case, the higher the price.
  • Your home location. If you’re located outside of the company’s reach, be ready to pay extra for the travel fees. Moreover, big city drain cleaning companies tend to charge more for their services.
  • Season. Weekend, holiday, and summer rates tend to be higher in this business. If your case is not urgent, then plan experts’ visit in advance to cut the bill.
  • Equipment required. While a plunger or a snake are common tools for every plumber who deals with drain cleaning, hydro-jetting equipment and camera are not. The use of unusual equipment will increase the final bill.
  • Case emergency. Be ready that emergency cases will cost double if not triple price if compared to the standard drain cleaning fees. In this case, plumbers may even apply hourly charges should the case seem to be of a large scope.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam drain cleaning company?

A: Scam companies do operate in the drain cleaning business and it’s of utmost importance to identify them before signing the contract. Here are the top signs of an unreliable cleaner.

  • Wrong questions. Drain cleaners should be interested in the age and condition of your pipes rather than your marital status or annual income. Ensure that all the questions that you answer are related to your problem and not something else.
  • Look for evidence. Unreliable cleaners frequently travel in pairs. While one is talking to you, the second one is “examining” your home and at the same time spreads dirt around the pipes to convince you in a larger problem than you actually have. Always go everywhere with your drain cleaners to spot such unprofessional behavior.
  • Watch out for the video material. Scam cleaners can pre-record someone else’s pipe in an awful state and then show the footage to you. As a result, you will think that you have huge problems. Always ensure that at the beginning of the footage you spot the interior of your bathroom or kitchen to verify the authenticity of the video.
  • Documents. Many companies work with subcontractors. This means that you hire a particular company while receiving the service from a third party. Always verify documents and license of the drain cleaners who come to your home to perform the service.