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Questions and Answers

Q: What do lawn care services include?

A: Lawn care services cover a wide range of lawn treatment procedures. When you hire the experts from this business, you can expect them to mow the lawn, fertilize it, protect from pests or take care of pests should any are already living in your yard. Lawn experts can also restore deteriorated and abandoned lawn and help you with its management both with professional advice and service. Apart from that, lawn care experts can help you match your climate and yard soil to the lawn seeds that pass best.

Q: How do lawn care companies charge?

A: Lawn care cost is based on the type of service you require. All companies charge according to the number of services you need and their scope. For example, you might require your lawn to be mowed and fertilized. In this case, the cost will be calculated from the square footage of your lawn and the type of fertilizer you choose.

Q: What is the average cost of the lawn care services?

A: The average cost for the lawn care services is $50-$250. $50 will include only one basic service, such as mowing, for instance, while $250 cost may include mowing, aeration, fertilization, and weeding. You can learn more about the pricing policy in this business from our lawn care cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the lawn care services?

A: Lawn care is usually co-joined with garden care services. For this reason, factors influencing the cost may include everything from lawn weeding to pool building. Here are the possible cost affecting factors:

  • Lawn size. The bigger your lawn is, the more time the lawn care takes, and so the higher the cost of the services is.
  • Kinds of services. You might require simple mowing or complete overseeding, it might be as simple as fertilization and as complex as landscape reshaping. The type of service in this business dictates the cost.
  • Service recurrence. If you hire a lawn care company for a long-term period, you can expect to get lower prices for particular services. If, however, you only need a team for a one-time occasion, you can expect to get higher charges.
  • Travel expenses. This is a rare case for people living in small towns because local companies operate over the whole city. You might, however, expect to have additional travel costs if you live outside of the city line or in a different district than the company’s operation area which is a common problem for the large cities.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam lawn care company?

A: Hiring an unreliable lawn care company equals huge money loss not even mentioning dying of your lawn and backyard. Always ensure that you cooperate with a reputable service provider and check the following to avoid a scam:

  • Qualifications. Qualifications include experience in the industry, licenses, and certificates that prove professionalism and knowledge about the lawn care. Besides that, ask if the prospective service provider knows the landscaping as well. Such a skill guarantees that the services will be matched to your climate and home specifics and that the lawn will flourish rather than wither.
  • References. References, reviews, and recommendations all guarantee that the job done by a particular company is of high quality.
  • Organic sustainability. Always ensure that the company is familiar with the local weeds, pests, soil characteristics, and climate features. Only by taking all these factors into consideration the lawn can be weeded and treated in the right manner.
  • Time and scope. Learn how long a company estimates to work on your backyard. The timing will explain their experience and skills. Choose a lawn care company that offers a reasonable work schedule acceptable for your own rhythm of life.