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Questions and Answers

Q: What do photography services include?

A: Photographers can be divided into a vast number of categories, such as wedding, family, fine arts, news, commercial, industrial, etc. Each of these experts takes pictures of particular objects or people lying in the area of their expertise. Besides that, photographers also offer different services related to photos. They can edit raw pictures, create special effects, design albums, make large prints and much more.

Q: How do photographers charge?

A: Photographers mainly charge per package of services, however, you can also find per hour and per product rates in their price lists.

  • Package deals usually include a particular number of photographs and photo editing as the core service. Additionally, some photographers may include several prints, designing of photo albums, and enhancement of the appearance.
  • Per hour charging method is usually applied when your demand of photographer’s work reaches the limit of the packaged deals and you need to hire a photographer for some additional time.
  • Per product rates are used in commercial, product, and advertising photography areas where a photographer is hired to shoot a particular product.

Q: What is the average cost of the photography services?

A: The average cost of the photography services is $320-$2,300 in total. Don’t be scared off by the large sum of money and read our photographer cost guide to learn the details about the charges and their differences.

Q: What factors affect the photographer’s cost?

A: Every photography field has a number of related cost-influencing factors that may not be applicable to the rest of the categories. Yet, some universal factors can still be defined as follows:

  • Experience. The more a photographer is in business, the more experience they have, and so the higher per hour and package rates you can expect.
  • Photoshoot location. Studio shoots tend to cost less than plain air sessions.
  • Travel expenses. If your photographer has to travel to your location, or your photo object is outside of their service area, then you will have to cover travel expenses: whether a ticket or some per mile rate.
  • Type of photo storage. Today, most photographers offer the final photographs on USB drives or send clients a link to some virtual storage. However, if you would like to have an online gallery with all raw and edited images or a CD, you might have to pay extra. Some photographers offer this service for free because they don’t consider it as an extra.
  • Additional services. Any service that is not included into your package will add up to the final charge for the photography service. Printed images, albums, additionally edited images, and collages all cost extra.

Q: How to choose the right photographer?

A: Choosing the right photographer means not only that your photos will be just as you want them to be, but also that your overall experience from the session will be excellent. In order to ensure that both the process and the result will bring you pleasure, consider the following and find the right photographer for your needs:

  • References and comments. Good photographers have a page with the references and comments from their former clients about their work. In most cases, you can find them on the photographer’s personal website. Apart from that, check local directories to ensure that you consider working with a reliable and reputable expert.
  • Visual appeal of the photos. You need to check the photographer’s website and go through the available online gallery to understand the photographer’s style and technical proficiency. Choose a photographer whose style matches your preferences. You can also check Instagram or other social networks since many photographers present their works there as well.
  • Creativity. Whether you want a family photo session or need a product photographer, creative approach to work is a trait that will make your photos unique and unforgettable.
  • Communication skills. Your photographer should be a people-person. They need to be able to advise without imposing, know when to listen and when to give useful advice. An interview will help you to understand what kind of person your shooter is.
  • Scrupulosity. This point concerns attention to the contract that you both will have to sign and the time management of your photographer. It’s important since you’re unlikely to expect him or her late for your meeting or see him or her distracted in a happy hour.