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Questions and Answers

Q: What do TV installation companies do?

A: TV installation companies offer an immense range of services from basic TV cable hook-up to the complete sound and video system installation. Experts from these companies can mount the brackets for your TV to the wall, connect a professional sound system to the existing TV unit, install a large screen high on the ceiling, and any other services related to TV units.

Apart from installation and mounting, TV experts can also set up your TV unit based on your channel preferences, connect it to the game console or smart TV card, and set up the satellite TV in your home (including the satellite dish installation).

Q: How do TV installation professionals charge?

A: TV installation professionals have a price list for the most common services they provide, so you do not pay a per-hour rate, but rather a per-project rate.

Q: What is the average cost of the TV installation services?

A: The average cost of the TV installation services is $160-$340. However, you can save on the installation by ordering it at the retail store where you purchase a TV unit, a game console, or a satellite dish. In this case, the cost will be around $200. To learn more about the prices, please read our TV installation cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the TV installation?

A: The most influential factor in the TV installation business is the cost of the initial TV unit or its complementing elements. The services related to the installation itself, however, depend on the company’s charging regulations as well as several other factors. Here are the most important of them:

  • Unit size. The bigger your TV, sound system, or game console is, the more complex it is in terms of installation. So the bigger the unit, the higher the final cost.
  • Unit type. There are ceiling- and wall-mounted units, tilting and fixed brackets, cabinet-mounted or just free-standing ones. All these units have a different complexity of installation and cabling to the network. Pay attention to the price list of a particular TV installer when considering a company.
  • Accessibility of the outlet. All TVs are connected to the outlets existing in the apartment or house. If your new TV location is far from the outlet, then you might need either to use the extension cord (a more affordable option) or relocate the outlet closer to the TV unit (a more complex and so expensive solution).
  • Additional services. TV installers generally regard sound system installation and game console connection as additional services which you need to pay for as an extra. Should you need these services, ensure to state it from the very beginning to receive a discount on the joint services.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam TV installation company?

A: Scams in the TV installation industry equal improper and unreliable installation. Such services risk not only destroying your mounting system but also causing breakage of the entire TV unit. To avoid losing both the TV and the supplementary elements, ensure to:

  • Check the insurance. Insurance is the only document that can prevent you from losing everything you bought and paid for. Always ensure that the chosen contractor has a liability insurance that will cover the cost of your TV and elements should anything go wrong during the installation.
  • Ask for the license. Generally, contractors demonstrate their license number even on the company website. However, if you don’t see this information, always ask for the license number and then double check its correctness and validity.
  • Verify references. When meeting with a company representative, ask for a list of the most recent projects to call for the references to the latest customers. Refusal or chicanery from providing such information is a red flag.
  • Make sure there is a warranty. Always ask about the warranty guarantees at every service on your considerations list. Warranty will protect you from the low-grade installation that can lead to the crash of the mounted system. All reputable companies provide about 1-2 years of warranty on both labor and parts used in the process.