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Questions and Answers

Q: What do wedding planning services include?

A: Wedding planners are the supervisors of your special day and the whole preparation process for it. They make schedules, negotiate with vendors, book various appointments, prepare the menu, and ensure that all that goes smoothly on the actual wedding day. Besides working as wedding managers, wedding planners are also your ticket to discounts: their long-lasting cooperation with particular florists, DJs, photographers, and other service providers can offer you a great price break for these services.

Wedding planners can organize weddings of equal grandeur and joy for 10 and for 1,000 people. They know what you need and where to get it. Wedding planners are the magic wands that make the miracles happen for the couples.

Q: How do wedding planners charge?

A: Wedding planners can charge for a package of services in total, for a day, and even for several hours. The packaged deals are most popular among the couples because packages can be altered to include exactly the services the bride and groom need. Daily wedding planners are usually hired for the actual wedding day. Such services are related to the supervision only; the main focus of such planners is to coordinate everyone on a special day and take off some workload from the bride and groom. Hourly rates are applicable for cases when couples need advice in general or assistance with a particular service, for instance, a wedding cake or venue booking.

Q: What is the average cost of the wedding planner services?

A: The average cost of the wedding planners throughout the country is $950-$2,500, where most couples spend around $1,900 for this service. However, the price is always negotiable and adjustable in this business. You can learn more about the wedding planning charges in our wedding planner cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the wedding planner services?

A: There are numerous factors that will affect the final bill of a wedding planner. Many of them you can find in our cost guide but here we name the most influential of them.

  • Wedding planner type. Full-service wedding planners in total cost much more than just an hour consultation. The more functions a planner performs and the longer your cooperation is, the higher will be the price.
  • How far in advance you book a planner. A year for preparing a perfect wedding is enough time while a couple of weeks is not. The shorter your preparation period is, the more a wedding planner may charge due to the higher deadline constraints.
  • Your location. Big city wedding planners charge much more than small town ones. But don’t think that getting a planner from a small city can guarantee you the same level of satisfaction as from a big-city wedding planner.
  • Wedding budget (scope). The higher your total wedding budget is, the more you will pay for a wedding planner. This is a direct relation of prices because the bigger your wedding budget, the more people and services you will have, and so the more work a wedding planner will do.

Q: How to avoid a wedding planning scam?

A: Scam wedding planners can destroy one of the best days of your life! Pay attention to the following signs of unreliable planners to avoid them.

  • Unusual prices. Too high prices are usually ungrounded: they don’t guarantee a perfect service and at the same time leave you penniless. Low fares, in most cases, don’t include half of the services you need and also don’t give any warranty for their work. Stick to the price range you’ve seen above to be on the safe side.
  • No contract. Even if you’re working with a wedding planner to whom you were referred by a friend or relative, it doesn’t mean that the rules of business don’t apply here. Whenever you pay for a service, you must receive a receipt. Moreover, always get in writing what you paid for unless you want to spend the whole budget for nothing.
  • Mismatching opinions. You won’t be able to receive a great wedding if your taste doesn’t match your planner’s taste in anything! Always make sure you are on the same page before handing over the deposit.
  • Impoliteness. Wedding planners should be the most patient and smiling people you’ve ever seen because you definitely don’t want the wedding day to be ruined by a quarrel between a planner and a florist, for instance. Don’t cooperate with planners who don’t know how to hold their temper.
  • Cash only. Don’t buy into the songs that “vendors need cash deposits.” No. You’ve signed a contract with a planner and you should get receipts for every spending you make. No cash-handing without proper supporting documents. Ever.