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We are a premier drone and photography company based in the beautiful city of Pasadena, California. We specialize in capturing stunning aerial images and videos using state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and cutting-edge technology. Our Services: 1. Aerial Photography and Videography:… View more

 826 E Ladera St, Pasadena, CA 91104
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Experienced Freelance Photographer for Hire. If you're in rush and on a budget I am you're Photographer. All occasions. Please inquire. If you are needing a photographer or photograph's assistant or even consultant, I can help. Los Angeles area, specifically in Pasadena. Shooting for 20 years with a BFA in Photography Degree. View more

 Pasadena, CA
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Every couple is unique, with different tastes, priorities, and family relationships. As storytellers, it's vital for us to understand you, your relationship, and your vision in order to deliver a personalized story. We'll take extra special care of each shot to ensure that the emotional resonance of your story is translated well into your film. View more

San Bernardino, CA
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We are husband and wife team based in Southern California who love to travel and whose passion for photography inspired Kunhardt Photography. Our Passion lies in photographing weddings and portraits. Our goal is to tell your story by capturing the many fleeting moments of your special day. Our style… View more

San Bernardino, CA
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Some of my distinguishing Wedding Coverage and Events perks are: affordable crews with male/female shooters, extended-length and highly-engaging day's highlights video editing, high-resolution shooting, aerial/drone options, and more! Pricing is affordable and flexible! Basics run $1495-1995. Full-day… View more

 5753 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80120
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WHAT I DO I'm a freelance videographer specializing in video coverage for events, music videos, promotional content for brands & organizations & talent, behind the scenes coverage and video editing of ALL kinds. I'm a visual storyteller, and I love what I do. My experience in the past 6 years includes… View more

San Bernardino, CA
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Questions and Answers

Q: What do wedding videography services include?

A: Wedding videographers are professionals who film every second of your special day and then create a video clip with the best moments. Wedding videographers work not only during the weddings but also at proposals, engagements, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, and afterparties. They film the event in general and then can transform the raw material into a full-length film or a small music video clip depending on your preferences. Besides that, they also choose the best music and visual effects for the video to look complete and engaging. Most often couples hire only one wedding videographer, however, they also work in small production teams during large events.

Q: How do wedding videographers charge?

A: The standard charging method in this business is per package of services. For example, if you need the shooting and then a small clip without any major effects — you will pay the minimum price for the basic package. In case you need a full feature film, a small music video, and then short clips from every part of your wedding, then be ready to fork over more money for such services.

Wedding videographers are also likely to have a limited number of hours within their packages. And should you choose a basic package with, let’s say, four hours of shooting and decide that it’s not enough, you may have to pay additional per hour charge for every extra hour a videographer spends with you.

Q: What is the average cost of the wedding videographer services?

A: The basic wedding videography packages cost about $400-$900, while luxury offers reach $3,800. Most couples spend, however, $1,250-$1,500 for the wedding videography in total. You can find more detailed information about available packages and more precise prices in our wedding videographer cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the wedding videography services?

A: The number of additional services, meaning those not included in the package, influence the final cost for the wedding videographer’s services most.

  • Separate videos. If you want to receive not only one video from your wedding, but, for example, a separate video from the ceremony, the afterparty, and the wedding in general, then you will need to pay additionally for every extra video clip.
  • Additional materials in the video. If you want the wedding videographer to include some of your photos or old footage into the final wedding clip, you will also need to pay extra.
  • Photo video-clip. Many couples want a video made of their old photos to play during their wedding day. Most wedding videographers do such clips, but always charge it as an absolutely separate service.
  • Cinematic look. You can ask a videographer to make your wedding video look like a Golden Age Hollywood movie or add some other cinematic effects. Since such work requires more time in the post-production stage, the final price for the video will be higher.
  • Extra copies. All videographers have a fixed number of copies they provide on DVDs. Extra discs will cost you extra money.

Q: How to hire a good wedding videographer?

A: Since you’re hiring a person who will literally be responsible for all the good memories left after your special day, pay attention to the following signs of a qualitative wedding videographer.

  • Experience. Experience can be evaluated by the number of videos an expert can show you and the ideas s/he provides about your own wedding. You can also ask for additional references from the previous clients to verify the first impression you get.
  • Work-alone or with an assistant. Most videographers work with assistants because it gives more angles and so better raw footage. It’s always beneficial to have such a wedding videographer on your team.
  • Services included. Try to look for a videographer whose packaged deals correspond to your needs best. And since you already know the average price for the wedding videographer service, ensure that the chosen candidate requests fair payment.