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San Antonio, TX

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Retired and now working out of my home. 350SqFt room dedicated to overnight dog care services.

1) Aside from the obvious: You want to make sure your pet is taken care of professionally and lovingly.
2) You live in an apartment and don't want to have your things torn up or messed up while you are gone. Not to mention the carpets urinated on or chewed up.
3) Your dogs are active and need to get their run on.
4) Dogs need to have other dogs around them to be normal fun loving dogs. They love to play just as much as humans do.
5) You don't want to leave your dog in a kennel, or on the porch all day long, alone.
6) Your pet sitter comes for 5 minutes to feed and water and then they leave. Even if they were there twenty minutes, its not enough for him to get acclimated to them.
7) Your conscience it getting to you that he is "Alone at Home". They need friends too.
8) Your neighbors that work nights will love you for it. They don't have to listen to that pup whine all day because its lonely and hear him in his apartment wanting to play.
9) They can and will dig their way out of a back yard.
And the worse reason is:::
10) You fear your neighbor will throw a piece of poisoned meat to your dog because it barks all day in the back yard while you are gone. UGH!

Our DDC is OPEN now and waiting for your pooch. It has been built with dogs in mind on 35X65 Dog Run area. You won't believe it when you see it. It has an 20X20X11.5 high canopy for shade.

When you sign up you get our BEST DAILY RATE. $10 Small and Medium dogs and $15 for Large and Jumbo dogs.
Dogs come during the week only Monday thru Friday for 8 hrs. Drop offs start at 8am. We have VALET parking for drop offs and pick ups. On your way to work and on the way back. We have lots of fun with the pooches and play all day. Most dogs come and make friends with other dogs. Some that are more unruly get acclimated real fast. We don't take dogs with aggressive natures. Must bring shot record on first visit at registration and pet must be neutered or spayed.

*** 5 day a week Customers receive free 3 room carpet cleaning after first six months. Must sign up before May 21, 2016 for this opportunity.

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San Antonio, TX


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