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Hello! We are Great Dane Tree Expert, LLC. We are pruning and removal specialist with over 25 years professional experience in all aspects of tree care and preservation. We follow all industry standards offered by the international society of arboriculture and all ANSI safety standards.

Our Arborists specialize in the art of making trees beautiful through proper pruning/ shaping procedures.

If you have an over grown landscape and need to revitalize the look of your landscape and trees or just need basic maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of your trees, please call for your free consultation.

It takes great skill and knowledge to PROPERLY prune trees of any species and size. A properly fertilized and healthy tree will ward off most disease and pest attacks but a tree that is suffering from nutrient deficiencies will be much more susceptible to many issues. I offer services in deep root Fertilizing, Pruning/Thinning, Complete removal, Dead wood removal, Storm damage, Planting, Stump grinding, disease control/ prevention and pest control/prevention.

We look forward to being your complete tree care professionals!
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