• Hair Salon $100.00

Tired of your curl or frizz? Want to wake up and have more time doing other things than mess with your hair? Do you have dry, split ends? Do you want your hair Shiny, smooth hair? Removes more than 85% of curl and frizz. I have a special on my keratin treatment.

Get your keratin treatment, any color service, and hair cut for $215
( Special shampoo and conditioner) all for the special price no need to buy it apart.regular price is $ 200 for the treatment $20 the cut and at least minimum $65 for color service shampoo and conditioner are $45 for both so your saving Over $100.
Or just want the keratin treatment & a hair cut it's $100 and the shampoo and conditioner that you should use is extra. ($45) Keratin treatment lasts from 4-6 mths with proper care.

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