• Divorce Lawyers $200.00

Getting DIVORCED can be stressful and time consuming. It can also drain you financially. My services are for DOCUMENT preparation ONLY. This means when you're ready to start the process I will email you a Client In-take form. Upon completion I will prepare the first set of forms.

The cost for my service is $199 for this set. During our first meeting you will sign all documents and we will set up filing. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Keep in mind every divorce requires THREE STEPS so STEP TWO and THREE will be done exactly like STEP ONE.

My fee schedule is below: 3 Steps to all divorces
Step 1:
Initial Divorce filing $199

Step 2:
Preliminary Disclosures $99

Step 3:
Default or MSA and Judgment: $200

I also assist with Child Custody Petitions, and Child Support.
Hope to speak with you soon! Call!